How to Make Dragonflies From Bottles

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Things You'll Need

  • Hot glue gun

  • Hot glue sticks

  • Chenille sticks

  • Colored tissue paper

  • Scissors

  • Spray adhesive

  • Glitter

  • 2-inch foam craft ball

  • Plastic "googly eyes"

Make a dragonfly out of recyclable water bottles.

If you usually buy bottled water, you may think you have to toss the used bottles into the garbage or recycling bin. However, you can use them as a craft material to make whimsical creations. By adding a few decorations, transform an ordinary water bottle into a colorful dragonfly to display on a wall or shelf. You can find the decorations needed to make a bottle dragonfly at any art supply store.


Step 1

Shape two chenille sticks into ovals. Twist the ends to connect them.

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Step 2

Squeeze a line of hot glue around the oval-shaped chenille sticks and drape colored tissue paper over the glued sticks. Allow the glue to cool for two minutes. Trim around the chenille sticks to remove the excess tissue paper. This form will become the wings of the dragonfly.

Step 3

Spray the wings with spray adhesive and sprinkle glitter onto the wings. Allow the adhesive to dry for 10 minutes and shake off the excess glitter.

Step 4

Paint the outside of an empty plastic water bottle with acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry for 20 minutes.


Step 5

Squeeze a dime-sized dollop of hot glue onto the middle of the plastic bottle with it lying horizontally on a table. Press the wings vertically against the hot glue and allow the glue to cool for two minutes.

Step 6

Squeeze a dime-sized dollop of hot glue onto the top of the bottle cap. Press a 2-inch foam ball against the hot glue and allow the glue to cool for two minutes.


Step 7

Squeeze two pea-sized dollops of hot glue onto the foam ball and press two "googly eyes" onto the hot glue dollops. Allow the hot glue to cool for 20 minutes before displaying the bottle dragonfly.


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