How to Make a Bun Cover

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Things You'll Need

  • 1/4-inch-wide elastic

  • Sewing needle

  • Thread

  • Fabric or lace

  • Tulle

  • Sewing pins

Make demure bun covers for little ballerinas to wear on stage.

You can make a simple and elegant bun cover for an adult from lace or your favorite patterned fabric to wear with a favorite outfit or to wear onstage during a ballet performance. You can also create adorable bun covers for children with colorful fabric and a tulle skirt. The bun covers are easy to make and can be customized to match the age and color preferences of the wearer. Older children can help with the project by choosing the fabrics and colors and learning to sew the fabric to the elastic.

Bun Cover for Teens and Adults

Step 1

Cut a piece of 1/4-inch-wide elastic to a length of about 9 inches. Make the elastic a little bit longer for very thick hair and a little bit shorter for very thin hair.

Step 2

Bend the elastic into a circle shape with 1/2 inch of the ends overlapping. Sew the elastic in place with a zigzag stitch. Go over the same stitching with more stitches a few times to firmly secure the ends of the elastic together.

Step 3

Cut a piece of lace or fabric into a circle with a diameter of approximately 8 inches for long hair. Make the circle a bit smaller for shorter hair and a bit larger for very long hair.

Step 4

Place the circle on a flat surface with the elastic on top.

Step 5

Wrap one side of the fabric around the elastic and sew the edge of the fabric to the fabric just above the elastic. This allows the bun cover to move freely, which is not possible when the fabric is sewn directly to the elastic. Continue sewing the fabric around the elastic to complete the bun cover.

Bun Cover for Children

Step 1

Cut a piece of 1/4-inch-wide elastic to 8 inches long. For very thick hair, increase the measurement by 1 inch and for very thin hair, decrease the measurement by 1 to 2 inches.

Step 2

Shape the elastic into a circle with 1/2 inch of the elastic ends overlapping. Sew the elastic's ends together using a zigzag stitch. Repeat the stitches over the same piece of elastic a few times to make sure it is secure.

Step 3

Cut approximately 50 pieces of 1-inch-by-6-inch pieces of tulle. You can cut pieces all in the same color or use a couple of different colors.

Step 4

Knot each piece of tulle onto the elastic and continue until the entire elastic is covered in the pieces of tulle.

Step 5

Cut a circle piece of fabric with a diameter of approximately 6 inches. Insert the edges of the fabric circle into the hair elastic and pin the edges to the elastic. Sew the fabric in place using a tight straight stitch to complete the bun cover.