How to Sew Knitted Pieces of Blanket Together

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Things You'll Need

  • Matching yarn

  • Scissors

  • Yarn needle

Sew a knitted blanket together with careful stitches.

Knitting a blanket can be a challenging task, depending on its size and style. Making a knitted blanket out of smaller squares can break up the project and make it more manageable. Once you finish knitting separate squares, you can sew the knitted pieces of blanket together into one large piece. Finish this labor of love with tiny hand stitches and your homemade knitted blanket will be ready to keep you warm.


Step 1

Cut an 18-inch length of yarn and thread it through the yarn needle.

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Step 2

Arrange the knitted squares in the order they are to go in the blanket.

Step 3

Choose two squares to sew together first. Place the two squares side by side with the edges you wish to sew together against each other.


Step 4

Insert the yarn needle into the knitting of the left square through the first stitch closest to the edge at the bottom corner of the square. Pull the yarn through to leave a 3-inch-long tail.

Step 5

Weave the tail in to the knitting to hide it.


Step 6

Insert the yarn needle into the first stitch closest to the edge at the bottom corner of the right square.

Step 7

Repeat the same stitching process, inserting the needle back in the left square and then in the right square. Take three stitches in each square and then pull the yarn to tighten the stitches.


Step 8

Continue stitching the squares together in the same fashion until you come to the top corners of the squares.

Step 9

Cut the yarn off to leave a 3-inch-long tail and weave the tail in to the knitting.


Step 10

Sew the first row of squares together using the same technique, and then sew each row of squares together. Stitch along the row edges to sew the blanket together.



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