Instructions on How to Lubricate a Singer 2263 Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Singer sewing machine oil

  • Scrap cloth

Simple machine maintenance will give you years of worry-free sewing.

Lubricating your sewing machine keeps the entire sewing process humming along smoothly. Sewing machines have many parts both above and below the needle. Dust, fabric lint and even rust interfere with these moving parts. Your machine may tell you it's time for oil by making a chugging or clicking noise as you sew. This indicates that the internal parts require care. Use high quality sewing machine oil. Singer recommends that you use Singer brand oil to lubricate any Singer machine, including the 2263 model.


Step 1

Turn the hand wheel toward you until the needle is at its highest point.

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Step 2

Unscrew the screws holding the needle plate in place with the screwdriver. Remove the needle plate. Clear away any lint you find under the needle plate.


Step 3

Remove the bobbin. Snap the arms holding the bobbin hook in place open. Remove the bobbin hook. Wipe away any lint behind the bobbin case.

Step 4

Place two drops of oil at the top of the slot holding the bobbin hook. Also known as the hook race, this slot rotates the bobbin hook.


Step 5

Turn the hand wheel toward you until the hook race rotates to the left-hand side of the bobbin case. This action spreads the oil.

Step 6

Replace the bobbin hook and snap the retaining arms closed. Replace the bobbin.


Step 7

Rotate the hand wheel until the needle is high. Screw the needle plate back into place.

Step 8

Thread the machine and the bobbin. Stitch a few lines on a scrap piece of fabric to absorb any excess oil.


Clean lint from your machine every time you change the bobbin to keep your machine clean.


Be careful working under the needle. It can cut fingers.



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