How to Glue Rope to Wood

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood glue

  • Rope

  • Knife

  • Wood board

  • Clear coat spray

Use wood glue to attach rope to a wood board.

A variety of craft projects involve the use of rope and the use of wood. However, some crafts and projects use both rope and wood together. Projects involving rope and wood range from tied knots glued to a piece of wood for display to the addition of rope along the edge of a sign as decorative trim. Specialized glue must be used to securely attach rope to wood.


Step 1

Cut the rope to length based on the intended use. Use enough rope to stretch around the edge of the board, for example, or cut a length of rope long enough to tie a demonstration knot.

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Step 2

Place the rope on the board in the desired position. Stretch rope along the edge of a board to check for proper length, or arrange several tied knots on the board to determine proper spacing.


Step 3

Apply a thin line of wood glue along the rope surface that will contact the wood. Apply a thin line of wood glue to the wood surface at the point where the rope will be positioned.

Step 4

Place the rope onto the wood surface so the glue lines match. Press the rope firmly into place on the wood board.


Step 5

Allow the wood glue to set and cure as recommended by the manufacturer. Allow, as a rule of thumb, at least 24 hours for the glue to completely cure. Spray the rope and wood with clear coat spray for protection once the glue is cured.



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