How to Be a Girl Nerd for Halloween

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Things You'll Need

  • Glasses

  • Tape

  • Suspenders

  • White, button-up shirt

  • Plaid skirt

  • White socks

  • Penny loafers

  • Hair gel

  • Hair elastics

  • Accessories (calculator, books, pocket protector, backpack)

Nerds are portrayed in popular culture as the "uncool" people interested in role-playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, science, math and books. Dressing up as a female nerd is a humorous look for a themed party or Halloween event that can be plain or sexy. Simple to create, being a girl nerd for Halloween requires stereotypically nerdy clothing and accessories, such as thick-rimmed glasses and plaid skirts.


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Step 1

Slick your hair down with hair gel before styling it in pigtails. A single, low braid or a ponytail also suit a girl nerd costume.

Step 2

Pair a white button-down shirt with a long, plaid skirt. Hike the skirt up so that it sits around your navel or higher. Alternatively, wear a pair of pleated pants that are a couple of inches too short. If you want to be a sexy girl nerd, tie the shirt up to reveal your stomach and wear a shorter plaid skirt.


Step 3

Wear calf-height white socks pulled up with a pair of basic black or brown penny loafers. If you cannot find penny loafers, you can substitute a plain pair of dress shoes.

Step 4

Wear suspenders with your skirt or pants and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. For extra effect, add tape around the bridge of the glasses. Use a non-prescription pair or pop the lenses out of a suitable pair of sunglasses.


Step 5

Add a variety of nerdy accessories. Carry around books, a calculator or a backpack, or add pens and a pocket protector to your white button-up shirt.


Add some makeup, such as black cat-eye eyeliner, flushed cheeks and red lipstick, if your girl nerd costume is a sexy one.