How to Tie Off the Potholder From the Loom on Patterns

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Things You'll Need

  • Potholder loom

  • Two colors fabric loops

  • Size K crochet hook

Potholders are woven on potholder looms. They consist of loops of fabric that are interwoven into a square shape. Decorative potholders are made with synthetic fibers. Potholders made with 100 percent wool loopers or loops will insulate your hands and protect them from heat. Potholders can be woven into patterns with different colored fabric loops on a loom. When you have finished weaving your potholder, you can tie it off to create a finished border.


Step 1

Weave the potholder on the loom. Hook the first color fabric loops on the pegs of the potholder loom that face each other vertically. Place the second color fabric loop onto the crochet hook. Place one end on the first horizontal facing peg. Push the hook over every other first color fabric loop. Pull the crochet hook through and weave the fabric through the first color fabric loops and then hook it onto the other horizontal facing peg.


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Step 2

Alternate between starting with pushing the hook over and under the vertical fabric loops as you weave the second color fabric loops. Continue weaving the second color until all of the pegs of the loom are full and you have woven a square with them.

Step 3

Tie off the ends of the potholder starting at the top left corner of the potholder loom. Use the crochet hook to lift the loop off of the first peg of the potholder loom at the top left corner and bring the loop over to the second peg. Hook the crochet hook under the second loop of the top row and pull it through the first loop.


Step 4

Lift the second loop off of the second peg and bring it over to the third peg Pull the third loop through the second loop, remove it from the peg and bring it over to the fourth loop. Pull the fourth loop through the third loop and remove the fourth loop and bring it over to the fifth peg. Continue in this pattern, removing a loop from a peg, bringing it over to the adjacent peg, and pulling the loop on that peg through it to create a linked chain with the end loops of the potholder to create the border. The final loose hoop can be used to hang up the potholder.



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