How to Decorate a Paper Feather

Whether you're creating a turkey craft for a Thanksgiving celebration or you're looking for a hands-on extension activity to accompany a lesson on birds, consider creating paper feathers. To create this craft, simply draw the outline of a feather on any colored construction paper and cut it out. To give the feather a more eye-catching and life-like look, use scissors and markers to further embellish the craft, or give the feather a whimsical look with faux gemstones and craft feathers.

Decorate paper feathers with markers.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Markers

  • Faux gemstones

  • Craft feathers

  • Craft glue

Life-Like Feather

Step 1

Draw the shaft on the paper feather. Use a black marker to draw a thick black line down the center of the feather. The line should extend from the tip of the feather to the base of the feather.

Step 2

Draw the barbs on the paper feather. Use a black marker to draw thin lines that extend from the shaft of the feather to the edges of the feather. Draw three to four barbs on each side of the paper feather. Draw the barbs horizontally and span them from the bottom to the top of the feather

Step 3

Add fringe to the feather. Use a pair of scissors to cut small slits around the edge of the entire feather.

Whimsical Feather

Step 1

Draw designs on the feather. Use markers to draw patterns and designs on the front of the feather. Draw shapes, pictures or designs on the front of the feather. Use one or two colors for a more subdued look, or use a variety of colors to create a bold look.

Step 2

Glue faux gemstones to the feather. Use them to create realistic, yet flashy details on the feather, such as the feather shaft and barbs. For a more artistic look, glue the faux gemstones on the feather in any arrangement you like.

Step 3

Glue craft feathers to the paper feather. Attach the craft feathers around the entire perimeter to frame the paper feather. Glue them on the front and back of the paper feather, or attach them in any way you find attractive.


Use the decorated paper feathers to create a tail on a paper turkey.

Punch a hole through the paper feathers. String a piece of filament thread through the holes and hang the feathers from the ceiling or any place you like.