How to Freeze Uncooked Cinnamon Rolls

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Things You'll Need

  • Baking sheet

  • Plastic wrap

  • Freezer bag(s)

Save time in the morning by making your cinnamon rolls in advance.

Warm cinnamon rolls that have just come out of the oven can be a luxuriously sweet and tasty treat. If you frequently make them for breakfast, however, you may discover a problem. The time and effort that goes into making cinnamon rolls from scratch can leave you tired and frustrated long before the rolls are ready, ruining the otherwise soothing experience of eating a fresh cinnamon roll. Fortunately, you have an alternative. Instead of getting up early to bake your cinnamon rolls, simply create them in advance then freeze the unbaked dough.


Step 1

Make your cinnamon rolls as normal. There is no need to alter the recipe because you intend to freeze the dough. Stop after cutting the large roll into individual rolls.

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Step 2

Place the individual cinnamon rolls onto a baking sheet. They can be fairly close together, but should not touch. Cover the baking sheet with plastic wrap and place the entire sheet into the freezer.


Step 3

Remove the baking sheet containing the cinnamon rolls from the freezer after approximately 1 hour. By this point, the rolls should have begun to freeze. They should be cold and somewhat firm, rather than as soft as they were when you put them into the freezer.

Step 4

Transfer the partially frozen cinnamon rolls into one or more airtight freezer bags. Because the rolls are no longer soft, they should not stick together in the freezer. Place the freezer bag(s) into the freezer and store until you are ready to use them.


Step 5

Transfer the frozen cinnamon rolls to a baking sheet the night before you are ready to bake them. Cover the baking sheet with plastic wrap and place it into the refrigerator. By morning, the rolls will be ready to bake.


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