How to Make a Skeleton out of PVC Pipe

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 pieces, 1-inch wide PVC pipes, 10 feet long

  • PVC cutter or saw

  • 4 90-degree elbows

  • 4 45-degree elbows

  • 4 cross connectors

  • 2 T-connectors

  • Gallon size empty white plastic jug

  • Scissors

  • Marker (optional)

  • Putty

Turn a pile of unused PVC pipe into a creepy Halloween decoration by attaching the pipes together to make a skeleton. Set the skeleton in your front yard or foyer to startle visiting trick-or-treaters. When assembling the skeleton, you can use a regular saw to cut the pipe to size, but a PVC cutter will make the project a lot simpler. Store the skeleton intact until the next Halloween or take him apart to save space.


Step 1

Cut the first 10-foot long pipe into four 20-inch lengths for the skeleton's legs, two 14-inch lengths for the upper arms and two 7-inch lengths for the hips.

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Step 2

Cut the second 10-foot pipe into two 10-inch lengths for the skeleton's forearms, two 9-inch lengths for the shoulders, one 12-inch piece for the neck and 10 4-inch pieces for the rib cage. You can set aside the extra pipe that will be remaining, you won't need it.

Step 3

Attach the leg pieces together by screwing one 20-inch pipe into one side of a 45-degree elbow, then screwing another 20-inch pipe into the other side. Repeat with the remaining two 20-inch pipes and 45-degree elbow.

Step 4

Attach the 14-inch long upper arm to the 10-inch forearm by screwing the ends of the pipe into a 45-degree elbow. Repeat with the other 14-inch and 10-inch pieces.


Step 5

Attach a 90-degree elbow to the top of each 14-inch piece and to the top of the 20-inch pieces.

Step 6

Attach one hip piece to the 90-degree elbow on each leg, then attach a shoulder piece to the 90-degree elbow on each arm.


Step 7

Assemble the rib cage by pushing four rib pieces into the openings on a cross connector. Push the top rib piece into the bottom of another cross connector, then place three more rib pieces in the openings. Push another cross connector onto the top rib piece, then attach three more rib pieces. Push another cross connector onto the top rib piece, then slide the shoulder pieces into the openings on each side and the neck piece into the top hole.


Step 8

Push the T-connector onto the bottom rib piece, then push the two hip pieces into the sides of the connector. Your skeleton should be assembled now except for the head.

Step 9

Cut two holes in the front of the empty jug for the skeleton's eye sockets. Cut a hole for the nose and mouth, too. You can also draw these holes with a black marker.


Step 10

Slide the opening of the jug over the neck piece and fill with the putty to hold in place. Set the skeleton out to decorate your lawn or entrance.


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