How to Make a Sash With Iron-on Letters

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Things You'll Need

  • 3 yards satin ribbon, 4 inches wide

  • 3 Safety Pins

  • Scissors

  • Cigarette lighter

  • Ironing board

  • Iron

  • Ruler

  • Iron-on letters

  • Needle

  • Matching thread

Beauty queens have popularized the lettered sash.

Many cultures use sashes to denote rank, tribe or clan. These sashes hang from the shoulder and cross the chest to the opposite side of the body at the waist. Today, these sashes generally appear in beauty pageants. Beauty queens aren't the only ones that enjoy a celebration sash. A simple sash turns a birthday into a pageant. Make a sash announcing a new baby, or a new aunt or grandmother. Use a sash to announce a job promotion or a new homeowner. Personalized sashes denote officers in girl's clubs, sororities and women's organizations.


Step 1

Find the center of the ribbon. Lay the center of the length of ribbon over the person's shoulder. Wrap the ribbon to the opposite side of the body at the waist. Cross the ends of the ribbon at the waist. Adjust the angle so that the ribbon lies flat against the body. Secure the ribbons where they cross with a safety pin.

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Step 2

Mark the area for the letters. Pace a safety pin at the beginning and end of the area for the letters. Remove the sash.

Step 3

Trim the ends of the ribbon, leaving 4 inches from where the ribbon crosses.


Step 4

Light the lighter. Carefully hold the lighter near the cut edge of the ribbon. As the end of the ribbon nears the flame, it melts. Melt the entire cut end of the ribbon.

Step 5

Lay the sash on an ironing board.


Step 6

Lay the letters on the sash. Use a ruler to keep the letters straight.

Step 7

Heat the iron to the acrylic setting. Press the iron on top of the letters. Hold the iron in place for no more than 30 seconds. Lift the iron and move to the next section of letters.


Step 8

Test the letters when cool to the touch. Gently attempt to lift the edge of the letters. Iron any loose letters again.

Step 9

Stitch the ends of the ribbon together where it is pinned with the needle and thread.


If the sash is too small to fit over the ironing board, remove the safety pin holding the two ends together and open the sash.


Use caution when melting the end of the ribbon.


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