How to Print Your Own Newspaper

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Running your own small paper can be a fun and enriching hobby.

Printing your own newspaper is surprisingly doable. Traditional newspapers typically only use printing presses in the early morning. The rest of the day, newspaper presses sit idle in between running advertising inserts that will go in the next day's papers. To compensate for this, printers will do custom newspaper runs relatively inexpensively, According to an April 23, 2010 article in Time Magazine, a newspaper could be printed for about 45 cents a paper for a run of 5000 or more.

Designing a paper

Step 1

In your favorite layout program, open a document designed for broadsheet paper, generally what newspaper is printed on. It measures 15"x22.75".

Step 2

Lay a grid onto the blank design. Graphics programs usually allow you to set rules. Most newspaper designs are based on what is called a "modular grid." Basically, a basic grid unit is decided on and this unit is used to generate the size of all the content, thereby guaranteeing that everything fits in a uniform fashion.

Step 3

Add your content, making sure that it all fits within the grid specifications. Using a grid will make the design much more professional in its final appearance.

Step 4

Save the file as a PDF (Portable Document Format.) This is a standard format that printers use.

Getting Your Paper Printed

Step 1

Shop around for a good newspaper print shop. You'll want to inquire about pricing and expected turn around.

Step 2

Setup the details of your transaction with the newspaper shop. You'll probably have to do some final tweaking to your paper so it meets their specifications. Sometimes, they can have in-house designers take care of the details.

Step 3

Distribute your paper! You can often have the print run delivered directly to your doorstep.