Make Your Own DIY Oreo Cookie Costume

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For a fun Halloween costume idea, take inspiration from the delicious, classic, instantly recognizable Oreo cookie. The sandwich configuration of the Oreo, with dark brown, logo-embossed cookie layers around a white creme filling, lends itself perfectly to a sandwich-board style of costume.


Fortunately, this type of costume is easy to DIY and only requires inexpensive, easy-to-find supplies, such as cardboard and paint. It also means you can simply wear white clothing underneath to represent the cookie's creme filling. The iconic Oreo logo does call for some artistic skill to recreate, and it's an essential feature of any Oreo cookie costume. There are a few different ways to add the logo, so choose the method that best suits your skills.

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Large sheets of cardboard or foam board

  • Pencil

  • Pushpin

  • String

  • Craft knife or box cutter

  • Dark brown acrylic paint

  • Paintbrushes

  • Cardstock

  • Light brown, white or black acrylic paint or paint pen

  • Wide ribbon or elastic

  • Hot glue gun

  • White long-sleeve T-shirt

  • White or neutral-color leggings or pants

Make the Oreo Costume

1. Take Measurements

With a tape measure, measure the person who will wear the Oreo cookie costume from their shoulders down to just above the knee. Use this measurement as the diameter of the two cardboard cookies for the costume.


Draw a circle on a large sheet of cardboard or foam board with a diameter equal to your shoulder-to-above-knee measurement. An easy way to do this is to make a compass from a pencil, pushpin and string. Insert a pushpin in the center of the board (on the reverse side), tie a string to the pin and tie the other end to a pencil so that the string is equal in length to the radius (half the diameter) of the circle. Draw a circle with the pencil while making sure the string is taut.


With a craft knife or box cutter, cut out the first circle shape from the cardboard or foam board. Trace around this cookie shape with a pencil on a second board and cut out the second cookie shape. Trim the edges to neaten them if necessary.

Paint the Cookies Dark Brown

With paint and a paintbrush, paint both sides of both cookie shapes a solid dark brown, letting the first sides dry before continuing with the second. Paint additional layers if desired.


Go online and find a clear picture of the Oreo cookie logo. Print a copy of the logo as large as possible. Depending on your preferred method, you might like to trace the design with a pencil onto one of the cardboard cookies freehand or create templates of the individual elements of the logo using cardstock. Break down the design into curved and straight lines, small circles and rounded triangles plus letters spelling out "OREO." Trace these shapes on cardstock, cut them out and trace around them on the cardboard circles to recreate the logo.



Another option is to use imaging or design software to resize the logo to fit the dimensions of your cookie costume and then print it on multiple sheets of paper to tape together. Use this full-size printout as a template.

With light brown, black or white acrylic paint and a paintbrush or with a paint pen, fill in the shapes and letters that make up the Oreo logo. Light brown is the most accurate color to choose for the Oreo cookie costume, but black or white paint also work well.


To create another cookie shape, you can either repeat the steps to paint the Oreo logo on the second cookie shape or leave that one plain. If the second cookie is plain, make sure the logo cookie is the front part of the sandwich-board costume, and the plain one is the back part.

Add the Straps

Have a helper hold one cookie shape against the front of the person who will wear the costume, and the second at their back. Measure a length of wide ribbon or elastic to connect the front and back cookies above their shoulders. Use a hot glue gun to attach the lengths of ribbon or elastic to the insides of the cookies at shoulder level.


Optionally, add a second set of ribbon or elastic bands at the sides of the cookies as well. This will help hold the costume in place.

Wearing the Costume

The Oreo cookie costume should be worn over a white long-sleeve T-shirt and white or neutral-color leggings or pants to resemble the creme filling. If the Oreo cookie costume is for a kid who will be trick-or-treating in cold weather, choose a white sweatshirt and add a white beanie and gloves for warmth.


Turn this into a cute “double-stuffed” couples costume with both people dressed in white. One person gets the front cookie (attach the ribbon as a necklace instead of shoulder straps), and the other gets the back cookie. When the couple hugs, they become a double-stuffed Oreo!

Some fun accessories to go with an Oreo cookie costume include a headband with an empty plastic milk bottle glued to it at an angle. Paint the inside of the bottle white so it looks like it’s full of milk. A milk carton trick-or-treat bag is another fun idea.



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