Instructions on How to Double Braid a Ribbon Lei

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Things You'll Need

  • 5 yd. of ribbon in one color, 3/8-inch wide

  • 5 yd. of ribbon in a different color, 3/8-inch wide

Create your own lei out of ribbons instead of real flowers.

When most people think of a lei, they probably think of Hawaii. A traditional Hawaiian sign of welcome and peace, the lei is typically made with real Hawaiian flowers. However, tropical flowers are not needed to create your own lei. In fact, you don't need to use flowers -- real or fake -- at all. Instead, you can create your lei out of ribbons. By weaving together two different colored ribbons, you can easily create a double-ribbon lei braid.


Step 1

Hold the ribbons together, making sure they are even.

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Step 2

Tie both of the ribbons together into a knot. The knot should be about 6 inches from the very end of the ribbons.

Step 3

Lay the ribbons down in front of you on a clear, dry surface. The ribbons should be positioned vertically, with the knot end of the ribbon positioned closest to you. The ribbon that is facing up at you will be called "Ribbon 1," the ribbon behind it will be referred to as "Ribbon 2."

Step 4

Fold Ribbon 2 to create a small loop just above and to the left of the knot.

Step 5

Fold Ribbon 1 around Ribbon 2's loop. Make a small loop with Ribbon 1, and slide it through the loop made by Ribbon 2.


Step 6

Pull on the ribbon length of Ribbon 2 to tighten the loop around Ribbon 1's loop.

Step 7

Make another small loop with Ribbon 2, and slide it through the loop made by Ribbon 1 in Step 5. Pull on the ribbon length of Ribbon 1 to tighten its loop around Ribbon 2's loop. Continue to repeat this process, alternating each ribbon color until you only have a couple of inches of ribbon end remaining.


Step 8

Slide one ribbon end – without looping it – through the very last loop. Pull on the ribbon end to tighten and close the end of the lei.

Step 9

Tie the two ends of the lei together in a knot to create a necklace.


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