How to Find Bumble Bee Nests

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To find a bee nest, watch where they go after feeding on flowers.

Bumble bees are considered beneficial insects because they pollinate plants and flowers when they are out of the nest foraging for food. Bumble bees like to nest in the ground, and the queen will often choose a deserted rodent hole to build her nest. Bumble bees will also build nests under decks; in rock, mulch and wood piles; under flat stones, boards, bricks or tarps. If you're observant and know where to look, it is easy to locate a bumble bee nest.


Step 1

Watch for bumble bees coming and going from a particular spot. You can usually find the nest by watching where bees are going after they feed on flowers in the garden. They will return to the nest to deposit their food.

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Step 2

Listen for the sound of the nest. If you listen carefully, you can hear the hum and buzz of the nesting bees.

Step 3

Check under piles of grass clippings, leaves, stones or logs. Bees will often build nests in these areas.

Step 4

Look in crawl spaces and attics. Bumble bees don't burrow holes to nest in, but will sometimes enter unscreened vents and nest in areas in the home.


Step 5

Examine rodent and other holes on your property. Holes are probably the most popular nesting sites for bumble bees. Look for holes in the yard, then watch and listen to determine if there is a bee nest in it.


While bumble bees generally don’t bother with people, disturbing a nest can result in a whole lot of angry, stinging bees. Caution should be taken when approaching a bumble bee nest.

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