How to Build Lawn Furniture Out of Decking Boards

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Things You'll Need

  • 4 1-by-4-by-48-inch boards

  • 2 1-by-4-by-16-3/4-inch boards

  • 1 box coated deck screws

  • Screw gun

  • 6 1-by-4-by-18-inch boards

  • 4 1-by-4-by-12 3/4-inch boards

  • 8 L-brackets

  • 1 1-by-4-by-32-inch board

  • 8 1-by-4-by-24-inch boards

  • 2 1-by-4-by-22-inch boards

  • 4 4-by-4-by-26-inch posts

Decking boards are well suited to building lawn furniture.

Decking boards are an ideal choice for building lawn furniture because they are made to withstand the outdoors. These boards can be made from natural wood, composite, plastic or aluminum. Composite is best suited for making outdoor furniture because it is durable and will not splinter with age. Any outdoor furniture can be made from decking boards. A bench and small stand are two common pieces of outdoor furniture that can be made over the course of a weekend. They will work well on either a deck or a patio.


How to Build a Bench Out of Decking Boards

Step 1

Place the four 1-by-4-by-48-inch boards parallel to each other 1/4-inch apart on a work surface. These are the seat boards. Place the 1-by-4-by-16-3/4-inch boards across the seat boards so that they are perpendicular to them. These are the crosspieces. The outside edge of the crosspieces should be 12 inches from the ends of the seat boards.


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Step 2

Screw the crosspieces to the seat boards with coated deck screws. Space the screws evenly, two per seat board, at the places where the boards overlap.

Step 3

Place three of the 1-by-4-by-18-inch boards parallel to each other and spaced 1/4-inch apart. Do the same with the remaining three 1-by-4-by-18-inch boards. These are the legs for the bench. Place one 1-by-4-by-12-3/4-inch board across each end perpendicular to the leg boards. These are the leg crosspieces.


Step 4

Screw the leg crosspieces to the leg boards to complete the leg assemblies. Drive two screws per board through the crosspieces into the leg boards.

Step 5

Place the seat assembly on a work surface upside down so that the crosspieces are facing up. Place one leg assembly on the outside edge of each seat crosspiece. Align an L-bracket in the center of each leg board.


Step 6

Fasten the L-brackets to the leg and seat boards.

Step 7

Place the 1-by-4-by-32-inch board between the leg assemblies. Align the board on the top edge of the bottom leg crosspiece. Screw through the outside face of the leg pieces into the end of the 32-inch board to secure it in place. Use two screws per joint. This is the cross support board for the bench.


Step 8

Align an L-bracket in the center of each end of the cross support. Fasten the bracket to the cross support and inside edge of the legs to provide added support to the bench legs.

How to Build a Stand Out of Decking Boards

Step 1

Place two 1-by-4-by-24-inch boards parallel to each other approximately 22 inches apart. Place one 1-by-4-by-22-inch board between each end to form a box. Fasten the boards together with coated deck screws. Use two screws per joint.


Step 2

Align six 1-by-4-by-24-inch boards across the top of the box assembly. Make sure the edges of the boards are flush with the outside edges of the box assembly.

Step 3

Screw the top boards to the box assembly. Use two screws per board. Space the screws evenly. This is the table top.


Step 4

Place one 4-by-4-by-26-inch post on the inside corners of the table top assembly. Drive screws through the outside of the box assembly into the post. Use four screws per joint.


Select a composite decking board that matches the existing woodwork on your exterior.


Wear eye protection when working with wood.


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