How to Make Artificial Rain Drops in Crafts

Make your own artificial raindrops to embellish silk flowers, twig centerpieces and nature-inspired craft projects using dimensional craft mediums or a hot glue gun. Whichever method you choose, practice your technique on wax paper or scrap paper to ensure a realistic look.

Dimensional Medium Raindrops

Dimensional medium is a bit like a glue that dries clear and retains most if its shape as a drop of the substance dries -- it can even be used as a glue. The small bottle holding the liquid features a narrow tip to allow more control in creating the perfect raindrop shapes.

Step 1: Release Air Bubbles

Squeeze a small amount of the clear dimensional medium out onto a piece of scrap paper or cardboard to release air bubbles that may be trapped in the liquid.

Step 2: Making Raindrops

Squirt a tiny amount of the dimensional medium onto your craft project in the desired location, keeping the surface flat to ensure the liquid doesn't run off of it. To make a large raindrop shape, squirt out more in the wide part of the raindrop, allowing the liquid to pool into a circle. Move the bottle tip slightly near the top part of the drop to create a a teardrop-style raindrop before removing the bottle.

Step 3: Allow the Drops to Dry

Allow the dimensional medium to dry completely before touching it. Make other drops while waiting for the first to dry.

Hot Glue Drops

A hot glue gun with a narrow tip can also create faux raindrops, as long as you use a clear-drying glue stick.

Step 1

Plug in the glue gun with a glue stick in the glue chamber, warming the gun to operating temperature.

Step 2

Dab a small amount of glue onto the craft project in the desired location, making the smallest drop shape possible. Angle the tip slightly as you pull the gun away and release the trigger to finish the drop.

Step 3

Create additional drops -- some perfectly round, some more teardrop shaped -- over the project surface or atop a sheet of wax paper or a hot glue mat. If using wax paper, wait several minutes for the drops to cool, then glue them in place on the craft project with yet another dab of hot glue. Use a toothpick, if necessary, to apply a tiny dot of glue directly onto the project if it proves too difficult to do with your glue gun.


Do not touch the tip of the glue gun while it is hot. Allow the hot glue to harden and cool before touching it as well. Keep the tip of the gun away from craft materials that melt easily.

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