How to Fold a Paper Nurse's Hat

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Things You'll Need

  • Two, 8.5" x 11" sheets of white paper

  • One red crayon or marker

Modern nurses wear scrub pants and tops, and no longer wear the old-fashioned white caps and dresses. The cap is still a recognizable symbol of the profession and some nursing schools still have capping ceremonies as part of their graduation program. If you are planning to dress as a nurse for Halloween or another costume occasion, you can go the modern route or you can opt for the traditional uniform. If you decide on the traditional nurse look, you can make the nurse's cap out of paper.


Step 1

Stack the two pieces of paper on top of each other so that all of the edges line up. Set the paper in front of you horizontally – with the short edges on the sides.

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Step 2

Keep the pages stacked and fold the paper in half so that the short edges meet each other. Press the folded edge with your hand to form a crease.

Step 3

Unfold the paper so that it is horizontally on the table. Fold the top right and left corners down so that they meet the crease in the middle, and the top forms a triangle -- as if folding a paper airplane.

Step 4

Fold the point of the triangle down to where the two corners meet. Press your hand along the top edge of the fold to flatten it down. You should now have the clear shape of the top of the nurse's cap with approximately two inches of unfolded paper beneath it.


Step 5

Lift the bottom edge of the top sheet of paper and fold until the edge meets the folded corners of the hat. Flatten the crease.

Step 6

Create a second fold where the bottom edge of the paper meets the hat and fold the crease up to create the edge of the cap.


Step 7

Turn the hat over and repeat steps five and six on the other side. Use a red crayon or marker to decorate the center of the hat with a red cross.


Use a flat surface to fold your hat.


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