How to Make Things From of Play-Doh

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Things You'll Need

  • Play-Doh, different colors

  • Rolling pin

  • Unsharpened pencil

Children enjoy playing with Play-Doh.

Play-Doh is a craft clay that is both non-toxic and is extremely malleable. Children often enjoy forming Play-Doh into simple sculptures, but do not usually make craft items with the Play-Doh. However, you can work with your child to make a couple crafts using Play-Doh clay that you can display around your home. You can buy different types of Play-Doh clay at any craft supply store, art supply shop or supermarket.

Play-Doh Hand Print

Step 1

Form one container of Play-Doh into a ball. Select any color of Play-Doh that you prefer.

Step 2

Roll out the Play-Doh into a 1-inch thick circle. Press an unsharpened pencil into the circle to make a hole, positioning the hole 1/2-inch below the outside edge.

Step 3

Press your child's palm straight down onto the middle of the Play-Doh circle. When you pull her hand away, an impression will be left behind. Allow the Play-Doh hand print to dry for 3 hours. You can hang up the hand print by stringing twine or a ribbon through the hole.

Play-Doh Coil Bowl

Step 1

Roll half of a container of Play-Doh into a 1/2-inch thick circle using a rolling pin. Roll the other half of the Play-Doh container into a 1/2-inch thick coil.

Step 2

Wind the coil along the outside edge of the circle, which will begin to curl into the sides of the pot.

Step 3

Smooth the sides of the coil pot together to create an even surface, then allow the coil pot to dry for 2 hours.