How to Put on a Graduation Cap

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The front point of the hat should be centered on your forehead.

The tradition of wearing a graduation cap dates back to the year 1311, and while modern caps differ in appearance from those worn by the clergy in the middle ages, the tradition remains. Graduation caps are known for their distinct flat, square tops and the tassels that hang down near the face. They are not only part of your graduation dress, but also part of the ceremony itself -- tradition dictates that you move the tassel during the ceremony to represent your graduation.


Step 1

Part long hair at the side and pull it back into a low ponytail. For shorter hair, tuck it back behind your ears.

Step 2

Align the hat so that the front tip of the square is centered on your forehead. The square should be level, not tilted.

Step 3

Move the tassel so that it hangs on the right side of your face. At the appropriate time during the ceremony, you flip it to the left side.