How to Peel Gum Wrappers

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Things You'll Need

  • Used foil gum wrappers

  • Bowl

  • Warm water

Instead of tossing away your colorful, used aluminum foil gum wrappers into the trash, you can reuse them for something creative. With a bit of tweaking, you can turn the gum wrappers into something useful again and transform any dull, uninspired object into a shiny and brightly-colored item of interest. Not only will you use reuse the foil part of the gum wrappers, you will create something artistic as well.


Step 1

Soak an aluminum foil gum wrapper with the inside down in a small bowl of warm water so that it becomes completely wet.

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Step 2

Remove the gum wrapper from the water and turn the inside face of the wrapper upward.

Step 3

Peel the edge of the inner paper layer away from the outer aluminum foil layer with your nail to expose the adhesive. Peel gently so you don't rip the wrapper.

Step 4

Press the sticky wrapper onto any surface you wish to cover such as a notebook or phone.


If you rip the wrapper, you can cover the ripped area by layering the wrappers when you cover the object.

When you get ready to remove the wrappers, simply peel them away from the surface. A bit of water can remove any stubborn pieces.


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