Automatic Fish Feeder Instructions

Fish are often a desired pet due to the low level of maintenance and cost required. Depending on the fish you own, food often consists of inexpensive flake, pellets or powder that are dropped into the aquarium. Fish typically require one to three feeds a day. If don't want to be responsible for remembering when to feed or you are frequently out of town, an automatic fish feeder can perform the feedings for you. Fish feeders are mounted inside the top of the aquarium and can be programmed to dispense food at designated times. The feeder can be added to a current aquarium without having to remove your fish.

Step 1

Remove the battery cover on the fish feeder and insert the necessary batteries specified in the owner's manual. Place the battery cover back on the fish feeder.

Step 2

Slide the hopper off of the fish feeder and fill with dry flake, powdered or pelleted fish food. All fish feeders include a hopper, which is a compartment that holds the food. A typical hopper can hold enough food to feed several small fish for four months at a time. Fill the hopper completely to allow for enough feed for four months. Slide the hopper back on and close the dispensing door to the feeder.

Step 3

Adjust the feeding amount. Adjust the settings of the door to the desired dispense amount. Press the "Manual" button to determine how much food will be dispensed in one feeding. Open the door to add more feed as needed, then close the door once the desired amount is added. Aquarium fish typically need to be fed one to three times daily.

Step 4

Attach the feeder to the aquarium using the mounting brackets provided. Screw the bracket to the top of the aquarium. Insert the base of the feeder into the bracket and adjust the feeder so that the food is dispensed into the aquarium. If the feeder cannot be mounted with the brackets, use double-sided tape to attach the feeder to the inside glass of the aquarium. Make sure you are attaching the feeder above the water line so that the device doesn't get wet and fall into the water.

Step 5

Program the timer. Press the "Set" or similar button to set the feeding time. Press the "Adjust" or similar buttons to change the timer to the desired feeding time.


If the fish feeder falls into the tank or you notice water inside the unit or timer, immediately remove the feeder. Take the batteries out and allow to dry for at least two days. Replace batteries and continue to use.

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