How to Adjust a Kitchen Craft Hinge

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Kitchen Craft is a commercial cabinet supplier offering semi-custom cabinets and shelving units. Cabinets are built to meet individual wood species, color, style and hardware specifications; however, many Kitchen Craft cabinets feature a European-style hinge. This hinge is preferable to traditional butterfly hinges because it is hidden and fully adjustable. By tightening or loosening the hinge screws, you may adjust the door's height, depth or lateral position. Avoid hanging on or slamming cabinet doors to prevent the need for adjustment.


Avoid leaning on cabinet doors because Kitchen Craft does not repair bent hinges.

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

  • Cabinet Manual

Step 1

Check which dimension needs adjustment. View the cabinet with the door closed. If the door is too high or low vertically, reset the height screw; if too far to the left or right, adjust the lateral screw; if not flush or too close to the cabinet frame, adjust the depth.


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Step 2

Examine your cabinet's manual to locate the height, lateral and depth screw. Usually, the screws are lined up horizontally, lateral then height and depth, across the center of the hinge.

Step 3

Turn the height screw clockwise to move the door down and counterclockwise to move it up.


Step 4

Adjust the depth. Remember, clockwise rotation moves the door inward; counterclockwise, outward.

Step 5

Screw the lateral adjuster clockwise to move the door right. Turn the screw counterclockwise to shift the door to the left.


Step 6

Open and close the cabinet door to ensure it is securely seated.

Step 7

View the cabinet from across the room to ensure no more adjustments are necessary.


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