How to Remove a Dome Light Cover in the Kitchen

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Many kitchens have overhead fixtures with dome light covers, or as they are more commonly known, globes, that cover the light bulb. When the bulb requires replacement, it is necessary to remove the dome light cover to access the bulb. Dome light covers secure to the fixture either by visible thumb screws or simply thread into the fixture much like a nut in a bolt. It is a good idea to clean inside the dome light cover while you have it down to remove dead insects and dust.


Step 1

Look for screws around the fixture where the dome light cover inserts into the fixture. The screws have round heads, usually with ridges on the outer edges and no slots for screwdrivers.

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Step 2

Hold the dome light cover up from the bottom with one hand. Turn the screws counterclockwise with your fingers. There are usually three securing screws. Loosen the screws without removing them from the fixture. Lower the dome light cover and replace your bulb. If necessary, use a pair of pliers to help turn the screws initially.


Step 3

Lift up slightly on the dome light cover if you do not see any securing screws. Turn the light cover counterclockwise to remove it from the fixture.


Installation is the reverse of removal.

If you have thumb screws securing the fixture, tighten all three screws evenly to hold the light cover level.

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