How to Make an Automatic Hammock

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Things You'll Need

  • Piece of cloth or vinyl

  • Rope

  • Reverse-geared motor with threaded rotor

  • Stakes

  • Metal pipe

  • Drill

An automatic rocker lets you swing in a hammock without the breeze.

There are few times more relaxing than lounging in a hammock on a warm spring day swinging with the breeze. It is simple to build your own hammock for enjoying those beautiful days with just some cloth and a little rope. With a little mechanical know-how, you can also build an automatic rocker for those days when the breeze isn't blowing. It's a quick project that can get you swinging in no time at all.


Step 1

Find an attractive piece of fabric or vinyl that can hold your weight for extended periods of time. Cut the fabric or vinyl into a rectangle using fabric scissors, making sure it's wide and long enough to comfortably hold your body. Cut a hole in each corner of the fabric for the ropes.

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Step 2

Thread one rope through both the holes of one short side. Thread a second rope though the holes of the other side. Tie one end of the ropes to a nearby tree or post. Tie the other side to a tree or post. The hammock is complete.

Step 3

Secure the motor to the ground using the ropes and stakes. Drill a hole into the middle of the metal pipe and on each side. Screw the metal pipe to the motor using the center hole. Tie a piece of rope long enough to reach the hammock to each end hole of the pipe.


Step 4

Cut a hole in the fabric or vinyl hammock near the top and bottom on the side facing the motor. Tie the ends of the rope connected to the motor to one of the new holes in the fabric.

Step 5

Turn on the motor and it will slowly turn the pipe in one direction, pulling the rope. It will then stop and turn in the other direction, pulling the other side of the rope and creating a rocking motion on the hammock. Extend the range of the rocking motion by using a larger pipe.


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