How to Troubleshoot a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1

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The Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 is a digital sewing machine. It includes a touch panel display and a floppy disk drive for uploading embroidery designs to the machine. While the Designer 1 has a hardy build, you may still encounter errors with the device's components. If you do encounter problems with your Designer 1, there are a few things you can do to resolve the issues.


Step 1

Recalibrate your Designer 1's touch panel display if the device's virtual buttons malfunction. Power on the Designer 1. Press the "Reverse Feed" and "Sensor Pivot Foot" buttons simultaneously to enter the device's service menu. Press the "Cal" button on the display. Tap the "+" mark on the display to recalibrate the touch panel display.


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Step 2

Remove the floppy disk and then reinsert it if you receive floppy disk read errors on the Designer 1's display. Try inserting another floppy disk if you continue to experience read errors. Restart the Designer 1 if the second floppy disk is unreadable as well. If the second floppy disk works, then the first floppy disk may be corrupt. If the disk is corrupt, you can insert it into your computer's floppy disk drive and attempt to salvage any readable data from the disk or contact Husqvarna about replacing it.


Step 3

Readjust the needle bar, or sew with a single needle, if your embroidery stitches jump or skip when using a twin needle configuration. Loosen the screw behind the needle bar to remove one of the needles or to level the needle bar. Alternatively, you can tap the "Set" option on your Designer 1's display and select the "Single Needle" option to set the machine to use only one of its needles.


Step 4

Clear the Designer 1's display of any popup messages if your machine will not sew. Tap "OK" or "Close" on any popups.

Step 5

Limit the amount of popup messages on your display, setting the machine's alerts to manual. Touch the "Set" option on the Designer 1's display, tap "More," tap "Help" and tap "Manual."


Step 6

Wind your Designer 1's bobbin if you receive the bobbin warning message on your sewing machine's display. The icon of a bobbin with broken thread indicates that the bobbin's thread is out.

Step 7

Restore the backlight to your Designer 1's display by turning off the machine's "Screensaver" option. Tap "Set" on the machine's display, tap "More" and tap the "Off" option adjacent to the "Screensaver" option.



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