How to Make Craft Prajioud Armbands

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Things You'll Need

  • Thin rope or cord

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Rubber band

The existence of Prajioud armbands began as a religious protection symbol.

Muay Thai is not just a martial arts form from Thailand, it also has ancient superstition, magic and religious beliefs woven into the philosophy behind the martial arts steps. One religious influence still exists in Muay Thai is the use of Prajioud armbands. These armbands were blessed by priests to infuse them with protection and magical powers that the wearer was supposedly able to use while performing the martial arts steps. Today, you can make and wear a prajioud armband with or without believing in the magic behind its original use.


Step 1

Cut six, 3-foot long pieces of cord. You can use all one color or a combination of colors. Red and green, or red and yellow are popular color choices.

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Step 2

Lay the cords out in a line with the ends at the same place. Bunch all six cords together. Measure 5 inches down from the end of cords. Make a loop with the cords, then pull the long end of cord through the loop to make a simple knot to hold the cords together.

Step 3

Tie a rubber band around the knot, then place the rubber band around a doorknob so you can hold the cords steady as you braid.

Step 4

Split the cords in half, with three cords per side. Braid one side of the cords using a regular braid, which loops the outside cords over the center cord. Braid the cords together until you have 5 inches of loose cord. Repeat for the other side.


Step 5

Tie the two sides of the braid together using the same loop knot that you did before. Unhook the braid from the door. Make a loop with the braid so that the two knots touch each other.

Step 6

Take one set of cords and fold 3 inches back toward the braid. Bring the end of the bent cords under themselves and the other set of cords, then wrap them around all of the cords two more times. Pull the loose end of the folded cord through the center of the loop and pull the loose end and the other end of the same cord tightly together. Let the loose ends of the cord hang free.


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