How to Troubleshoot a Tajima

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Tajima is an embroidery machine developed and marketed by Hirsch. Unlike most other machines, Tajima offers you an advanced networking technology that allows you to connect together as many embroidery machines as you wish, thus making it ideal for mass production. Occasionally, you may face issues with your Tajima machine. You may follow certain troubleshooting techniques to resolve such issues.


Step 1

Get out of "Standby" mode. Press and hold the "SET" button followed by "A." Release both buttons at the same time. Restart your Tajima machine by plugging it out and plugging it back in.

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Step 2

Fix the "3A6 error" code. Clean out the "bird nest" of threads by hand or a piece of cloth. Close the knives completely and press the "SET" button to reset the error code. Press "START."

Step 3

Stop the "2CE error" code by adjusting the bean sensors. Move the sensors until the green and red lights turn on, indicating a perfect alignment.

Step 4

Contact Technical service at 800-394-4426 if none of these steps resolve the issue.

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