How to Wash a Lab Coat in a Washing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Bleach

  • Detergent

Learn the proper way to wash your lab coat.

Lab coats are long white coats that scientists, doctors and other professionals wear over their regular clothes. Lab coats are made to protect the individual's clothing from stains and chemicals. If you happen to stain your lab coat, you can simply wash it in cold water with bleach. If you are working with chemicals, it's not recommended to wash the coat with a washing machine as the chemicals may have weakened the fibers, making the coat too weak to withstand the washing machine cycle. Check with your employer or company as some companies have strict rules against washing your lab coat yourself and provide a laundry service.


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Step 1

Place the lab coat into the washing machine. Wash one lab coat at a time and by itself.

Step 2

Pour the recommended amount of bleach into the machine for the size of the load. If your lab coat has a monogram on it, do not use bleach; instead use the recommended amount of regular washing detergent. Close the washing machine cover.

Step 3

Place the machine water setting on "Warm" for blended lab coats. If you decide to wash your 100 percent cotton lab coat, select the "Cold" setting. Select the "Delicate" cycle. Start the washing machine.


Lab coats that are 100 percent cotton should be dry cleaned to avoid shrinking.

Washing a 100 percent cotton lab coat in warm water will cause the coat to shrink at least one full size, so be sure to wash cotton in cold water.