How to Activate & Register a Home Depot Gift Card

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Before using a Home Depot gift card, you must activate it. You can't register the gift card to protect your balance. But you can avoid theft by purchasing Home Depot gift cards online, or by selecting a card that still has the PIN masked. Some thieves jot down the number and PIN of a gift card, then wait for the user to add money to the card. Once they detect a balance, they use the gift card information to make purchases online.


Step 1

Specify what amount you want on the Home Depot gift card. If you're purchasing the gift card in a Home Depot store, tell the cashier how much money you want to add to the gift card. If purchasing online, enter your credit card or debit card number in the corresponding fields.

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Step 2

Pay for the gift card at the check stand or online.

Step 3

Allow the cashier to activate the gift card. If you purchased this Home Depot gift card online, the card is activated when the order is processed and before it is mailed to the recipient.


Scratch the silver coating off the back of the card to access the Home Depot gift card's personal identification number, or PIN. You will need this PIN to purchase goods online with the gift card or to check the balance.

Check the gift card balance by asking a cashier to swipe the card, by entering the gift card number and PIN into the corresponding fields online, or by calling the phone number on the back of the card and entering the gift card number and PIN when prompted.


If the PIN is already exposed on the back of The Home Depot gift card, there is a good chance that a thief intends to steal the gift card balance. Don't buy that card.

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