How to Print on Rice Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Rice paper

  • Appropriate printer

  • Edible ink cartridge

  • PC

  • Graphics program

Rice paper can be used to create an image for a birthday cake.

You may want to print on rice paper for a number of reasons, but the most common is to create an attractive design for a birthday cake or other edible treat for a special occasion. The major manufacturers of printers and printer cartridges have acknowledged this, and it is now very easy to get the resources to successfully print off rice paper. Add some design software and you have all the tools for an impressive rice paper print.

Step 1

Purchase a printer which facilitates edible ink cartridges. Several large brands provide these printers and a browse along main street electronics stores, or on the online marketplace will allow you to buy one.

Step 2

Buy ink cartridges which are especially designed to be filled with food coloring. There is every chance you will get cartridges with your printer purchase. But you can buy them in many stores and online.

Step 3

Buy your rice paper from a crafts store. Make sure you ask if it is heavy-duty enough to go through a printer. Most sheets of rice paper are, but it is worth checking before you buy.

Step 4

Cut the rice paper to an appropriate size so that it will fit in your printer. Commonly this will be A4, but you can change the settings on your printer to accommodate a larger or smaller sheet.

Step 5

Design the image on your computer and then select "Print" on the graphics program. Once the image has been printed on the rice paper, allow the image to dry flat.