How to Make a Wooden Ashtray

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Things You'll Need

  • 1/2 inch thick, 5 inch by 5 inch square of hard wood

  • Four, 4 1/2 inch long 1/2 inch by 1/2 pieces of hardwood

  • Wood glue

  • Sandpaper

  • Wood stain

  • Paint brush

Design your own ashtray.

Smoking is indeed a dirty habit. Not only is it a dirty habit as far as your health, skin, and teeth, it is also dirty for your home. Smoking around the house results in ash dust, and burn marks. Make sure you have somewhere to put your ashes to protect your home and furniture. By designing your own ashtray, you can also create an attractive tray to put your ashes, instead of using a cheap and ugly dollar store ashtray.


Step 1

Apply wood glue to the top edges of the 5 inch by 5 inch square of hardwood. Apply each of the four 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch 4 1/2 inch long border pieces onto each side of the square. Each of the border pieces should overlap onto the edge of the next side of the square. Apply a little wood glue to the end of each border piece so that they will be glued to each other. Let the glue set four hours.

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Step 2

Sand off any excess dried glue and any rough edges on the ashtray. Sand the wood until the entire surface is smooth.

Step 3

Apply wood stain to the ashtray using a paint brush. Apply the stain in an even, back and forth motion. Let the stain dry and apply one more coat. Let the ashtray dry over night.


A hardwood like oak, basswood or beech is best as it makes for an attractive and durable ashtray.

Varnish will be worn away from the ashtray over time. When this happens, you can clean out the ashtray with a little bit of paint thinner and a cloth and re-apply another coat of varnish to the inside of the tray.


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