How to Paint Letters on Metal

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Things You'll Need

  • Metal paint

  • Primer

  • Wire brush

  • Paintbrush

  • Stencils

Painting letters onto metal is easy with sme preparation.

Painting on metal poses several problems when it comes to creating a long-lasting finish, as exposure can cause the metal to rust and the paint to peel. In many situations it is vital to have lettering on metal objects for purposes like marking containers, or applying advertising for a company on the side of a commercial vehicle. With a selection of appropriate tools and the right preparation, it is easy to paint letters on metal that should last for years without needing to be repainted.


Step 1

Clean the metal surface you want to paint with a wire brush to ensure there is not rust or dirt on the surface. Any impurity on the surface will have an adverse effect on the paint's finish and longevity.

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Step 2

Apply a primer to the metal surface with a paintbrush, so the metal paint will hold better.

Step 3

Apply the metal paint using the paintbrush. If you are looking for a professional finish for the letters, using stencils will help you achieve this. These can be purchased at any hardware store.

Step 4

Leave the paint to dry as per the manufacturer's guidelines. Apply a second coat of paint, if required, and leave it to dry.


Make sure the area in which you are painting is warm, dry and dust-free to help you get the best finish.


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