How to Reheat Christmas Pudding

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You can reheat Christmas pudding.

Americans call it fruitcake and the British have a special name for the mound of cake wrapped around dried and fresh fruits, nuts and laced with rum or brandy – Christmas Pudding. Traditionally served with the Christmas meal, British cooks may be found preparing the treat anytime between September and November, the earlier the better. The pudding is steamed for at least seven hours before it's tucked away in a cool spot to await its unveiling months later. Reheating Christmas pudding involves another round of steam heat for the best results, although you can reheat Christmas pudding in a microwave.


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Reheating Christmas pudding is the second necessary step before serving the traditional holiday dessert. The first heating takes place when it’s originally made months before serving, and the second heating or reheating with steam or in the microwave prepares it for the holiday table.

How to Heat a Christmas Pudding

Let's get something straight here. Christmas pudding is not a glob of fruited goo meant for Christmas dessert. Reheating the beautifully constructed and well -shaped mound takes care and attention. There are three ways to reheat Christmas pudding:



Atco Blue Flame Kitchen advises that you keep the pudding in its original Christmas pudding pot when you want to reheat it. Cover it tightly with foil. Place the pot onto a trivet and fit it into a large saucepan.


Fill the saucepan halfway up the side of the mold with boiling water and steam for about 1 hour. Check that the water level remains consistent and refill with boiling water if it evaporates. Remove and let the pudding pot cool before unmolding.

Steam Oven​:


With the advent of the steam oven, reheating a Christmas pudding is a snap. Prepare the pudding as you would for reheating on a stovetop, but instead slip it into a steam oven set at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. It will take about an hour for the pudding to be reheated enough to serve, according to Warren Carle at The Neff Kitchen.



If you plan to reheat Christmas pudding in a microwave, get ahead of the game by initially preparing it in a microwavable bowl, not one that is ceramic, as the ceramic gets too hot to handle. If foil is covering your Christmas pudding pot, remove it and replace it with plastic wrap that loosely covers the pot. Punch a few holes in the plastic wrap, then microwave on high for about 3 minutes. Remove the plastic wrap and let it stand for 2 minutes, according to Dove's Farm. Place a plate over the pudding pot, invert the pudding onto the plate, then release.


The British chef, Nigella Lawson, suggests that you don't reheat the pudding in a microwave more than twice.

Serving Christmas Pudding

Every home has its traditional serving suggestions that make Christmas pudding the delight of the meal. When the pudding has cooled, sift some confectioner's sugar over the top and place fruit, holly, or any other holiday decoration at the crown. Slice the pudding and plate it with brandy sauce, custard or ice cream on the side.

British homes treasure the leftovers and toast slices for breakfast until the pudding is gone for yet another year.



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