How to Find Out the Sew Time on a Husqvarna Viking

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In order to keep your sewing machine in top shape, it's advisable to always know what your sew time is. Most low-end machines do not offer this, but high-end machines, such as the Husqvarna Viking, do. Sewing technicians advise owners to bring their sewing machines in after so many sewing hours for a tuneup and a good cleaning. It's hard to manually keep track of sewing hours by yourself. That's why it's such a luxury for Husqvarna Viking machines to offer electronic sew time in all of their high-end sewing and embroidery machines.


Step 1

Hold down the "Reverse" button, the "Half Up/Half Down" button, and turn the "Power" button on at the same time. The sewing machine will make an odd noise, probably one you've never heard before. This is normal, do not be alarmed.

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Step 2

Choose the last button on the third row on the LCD display screen. The screen will display your machine's sew time in days, hours, and seconds. Make note of the hours sewn, and keep it in your records for later use.


Step 3

Press the back button or power down the sewing machine to exit from the screen. Do not touch the other buttons in the sew hour screen as these buttons are for authorized technicians to use when you take your machine in for service.


For optimal sewing results, service your sewing machine once a year. Take your machine in for routine service during the holidays, that way once the holiday season is over; you have a newly serviced machine to use.

Oil your machine regularly.


Do not neglect servicing your sewing machine. Servicing your machine is important to it functioning properly.

Some high-end embroidery machines do not need to be oiled, and can in fact damage your machine.