How to Make a Toilet Valentine Card Holder

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 sandwich bag boxes, about 3 ½-inches width by 3-inches thick, 7-inches length

  • Glue gun

  • Margarine tub, about 6-inches diameter

  • Electrician’s tape

  • 2 margarine tub lids (same size as margarine tub)

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • White gloss spray paint

  • Newspapers

  • Foam packing peanut

  • Metallic silver enamel paint

Make a Valentine card holder that looks like a toilet from recycled products.

When the ordinary, sweet, hearts-and-glitter Valentine's Day card holder doesn't exactly express a personality or sense of humor, sometimes a person just has to get creative. Retail stores rarely sell unique items because merchandise must promise a profit. Maybe you want your Valentine holder to make a statement. Maybe you aren't feeling the love of the season. Whatever the reason, you can make a Valentine's Day card holder that looks like a toilet, complete with opening lid and seat from items found around the house.


Step 1

Place one empty sandwich bag box on end so it stands vertically. Center the other bag box, horizontally, on top of the vertical box. Glue the boxes together in a T shape with the glue gun. This is the tank portion of the toilet Valentine's Day card holder.

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Step 2

Center the margarine tub in front of the T-shaped boxes with the opening facing up. This is the toilet bowl. Wrap electrician's tape around the tub and behind the boxes. Squirt glue between the boxes and the tub. Glue alone will not secure the plastic tub to the boxes.


Step 3

Cut the lip from around both margarine tub lids so you have two flat plastic disks. These will be the toilet lid and seat.

Step 4

Measure 2 inches from the outer edge of one plastic lid toward the center. Use the scissors to cut out a circle to form a hole for the toilet seat.


Step 5

Place the toilet seat on top of the margarine tub/toilet bowl. Tape the toilet seat to the toilet bowl by placing two pieces of electrician's tape at the back of the seat, on top of the plastic disk/seat and over the back of the margarine tub/toilet bowl. Tape another piece of electrician's tape about 2 inches in the opposite direction of the first tape, so the tape resembles hinges on the toilet seat. Open the seat and align the tape pieces beneath the disk/seat and into the tub/bowl for extra strength.



Step 6

Place the remaining plastic disk on top of the toilet seat and tape it to the tub and toilet seat to look like hinges, as you did for the toilet seat.

Step 7

Spread newspaper on the ground of a garage or other ventilated work area. Place the toilet bowl card holder onto the paper. Open the lid and toilet seat so there is space between all toilet components.


Step 8

Spray all visible areas of the toilet with high-gloss, white spray paint. Allow the paint to dry for about six hours. Move the lid or seat and spray paint any areas that didn't get covered. Allow the paint to dry. Turn the toilet upside down and spray paint all visible areas. Allow the paint to dry.


Step 9

Paint the foam peanut with metallic silver enamel paint. This is the toilet's flush handle. Allow the glue to dry. Glue the peanut onto the front of the tank near the outer left corner/edge.


Leave the toilet lid open so people can put their Valentine cards through the hole in the toilet seat. Cut an almost empty roll of toilet paper so it measures 3 inches long. Set the miniature roll of toilet paper on top of the toilet tank. If you’re really brave, leave a few unwrapped chocolate candy rolls in the toilet bowl.


Always follow the glue gun manufacturer’s instructions. Always keep glue guns out of the reach of children and pets to avoid burns and electrical injuries.




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