How to Change the Bulbs in a Blown Up Snow Globe

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Things You'll Need

  • Fuse

  • Replacement bulbs

Repair the lights in a snow globe and decorate your yard for the holidays.

Decorating with a blow-up globe brightens up a yard for the holiday season. However, if the lights in the globe go out, the effect is dimmed. The lights in a blow-up snow globe burn out over time or when the snow globe has been through harsh, inclement weather. High winds and extreme temperature variations cause strings of lights inside the globe to shake back and forth, adding stress on the bulbs. These stresses burn out bulbs, but replacing them is simple.

Step 1

Unplug the snow globe. Look in the back side of the snow globe and find the zipper or hook and loop tape access door. Open the access door. Look at the wires inside the globe going to the lights, and see if there are frayed wires. Check the lightbulbs and see if any are loose.

Step 2

Plug up the snow globe and let the built-in fan blow it up in the manner recommended in the instruction manual. Let the snow globe blow up all the way before turning it off. If the snow globe inflates, the fuse isn't blown.

Step 3

Replace the fuse if the snow globe doesn't inflate. Unplug the snow globe's electrical plug and locate the fuse compartment in the plug head end of the electrical cord. Slide open the fuse compartment lid, pull out the old fuse and replace it with a new fuse. Close the fuse compartment lid. Plug in the snow globe and see if the power and the lights are working. If the blower is working but the lights are off, the bulbs need changing.

Step 4

Change the lightbulbs that aren't working by unplugging the snow globe. Look in the back side of the snow globe and find the zipper or hook and loop tape access door. Open the door and locate the lights that need replacing. Put in the new lightbulbs. If the bulb is a C-12 style bulb, unscrew the bulb from the bulb socket. If the bulb style is the mini or LED, gently pull the bulb out of the socket.

Step 5

Close the access door and plug in the snow globe. Turn it on and check the lights. If some of the lights still aren't working, replace them with new bulbs. Sometimes new bulbs can be faulty.


Always be careful when working with electricity. Never work on the snow globe if it is wet.