Instructions for Making a Tootsie Roll Costume for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • Brown pillow case

  • White felt

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Brown long-sleeved T-shirt

  • Brown pants

  • Brown shoes

Tootsie Roll is a candy brand first launched in the United States in 1896. The company makes a variety of sweets these days, but the original chewy chocolate roll in its brown and white twisted wrapper is the most recognizable. You can make a Tootsie Roll costume for your child cheaply at home using an old pillow case and a few other items.


Step 1

Cut the bottom of the pillow case so it opens up both ends.

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Step 2

Draw the letters to spell out "Tootsie Roll" on the white felt. Make the letters about 6 inches in height -- they must be able to fit sideways onto the pillowcase. Cut the letters out.

Step 3

Place the pillowcase sideways, so the open sides are on the left and right-hand side. Glue the letters on with "Tootsie" stretching across the top half of the pillow case and "Roll" below it.

Step 4

Cut a piece of white felt that is 1 foot high and long enough to stretch round both sides of the right-hand, open edge of the pillow case and have 1 inch spare. Place glue along the bottom 1 inch of the felt and glue it to the inside of the right edge of the pillow case. Glue the two ends of the felt together. Cut a zig-zag edge along the top of the white felt.


Step 5

Repeat Step 4 to make another piece of white felt stuck to the left-hand open edge of the pillow case.

Step 6

Turn the Tootsie Roll pillow case around so the word "Tootsie" is on the left and the white felt ends are at the top and bottom. Hold it against the child and note where the left arm would go through. Cut an 8-inch hole in the left of the pillow case here. Repeat with the right arm.


Step 7

Dress the child in the brown T-shirt, pants and shoes. Put the Tootsie Roll pillow case over the top, so the words are at the front of the costume and the arms go through the arm holes.


Look at a Tootsie Roll wrapper or an online picture to have a clear idea of what the lettering should look like.


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