How to Make Fake Crutches

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Fake crutches are a great addition to a Halloween costume.
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Fake crutches make an excellent accessory to a party costume. Whether you are a going as an injured soldier or a soccer player with a broken leg, you can make lightweight fake crutches for next to no cost. Traditional crutches are made of main poles that bear the weight and two poles forming a V-shape with a handle and a rest that links each one together.


Things You'll Need

  • Tin Foil

  • Scissors

  • Toilet Paper Tubes

  • Glue

  • Masking Tape

  • Clear Adhesive Tape

  • Tape Measure

  • Egg foam padding

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Measure Your Arms

Measure from your elbow, when flat against your side, to the ground with the tape measure. This is the height for the main pole of each of the two crutches. Now measure from your elbow to your shoulder. This gives you the measurement for the V-shaped part at the top of each crutch.


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Make the Toilet Paper Tube Poles

Assemble the main poles of your DIY crutches using toilet paper tubes. You may need to cut one of the tubes with scissors to get your desired height. Attach the tubes together with lengthwise strips of clear adhesive tape so that half is attached to the inside of one tube and half to the next tube. Then wrap more tape around the joint where the two tubes meet. Repeat the process to make four tubes for the V-shaped upper parts of each crutch.


Fill the Poles of the Fake Crutches

Stuff the main poles with tissue paper, plastic bags or foam to give them some strength. Use masking tape to seal the bottom tubes of each crutch and to give them more grip.

Create the "V" Shape

Put the main pole on the ground and arrange two of the smaller poles so that they overlap the main pole by about an inch. Angle the smaller poles so they make a rough V-shape and glue them to the main pole. You may need to secure them with tape to prevent the crutches from falling apart.


Check the Fit

Lean the crutches against you to make sure the top of the V-shaped poles are level with your armpits. Measure a comfortable place for the handles. Make the handles out of toilet roll tubes. Attach with glue and strengthen with adhesive tape.


Finish the Tops

Use toilet roll tubes to make the rests at the top of the crutches. Strengthen the rests with strips of cardboard.

Make Them Shiny

Spread glue around the crutches' main poles and their V-shaped poles, and wrap tin foil around your fake crutches. Try to keep the tin foil as smooth as possible to make the effect more realistic.


When it comes to how to make crutches more comfortable, of course you'll need to add some realistic looking rests to position at the top of the crutches. Wrap the egg-foam padding around the handles and the rests, and adhere the padding with glue. Egg-foam padding can be purchased at discount stores.


Remember these crutches are not designed to hold your weight. If you put too much pressure on them they will break -- which could result in a nasty fall.


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