How to Make Akasha Costumes

Things You'll Need

  • Brass craft sheeting

  • Thin metal shears and wire cutters

  • Bead wire

  • Craft foam

  • Paper and pencil

  • Strapless bra or bikini top (gold, nude or tan)

  • Makeup

  • Vampire teeth

  • Color contacts (optional)

  • Spray paint (to match the brass sheeting)

  • Old newspaper

  • Craft glue

  • Headband

  • Gold beads (variety)

  • Jewelry coins (two sizes)

  • Long black wig

  • Dark purple fabric

  • Silver fabric (scrap for armband and belt)

  • Hook and eye closures

  • Needle and thread

  • Scissors

Akasha, from Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned," is an intricately detailed costume featuring beadwork and a bra-like top that seems to miraculously stay in place for the character in the film. Making a costume that resembles this outfit requires patience and the ability to work with beads and other craft supplies to get the right look. The top can be made more secure by using a strapless bra or bikini top instead, which will save you from potential "wardrobe malfunctions" when out and about.

Step 1

Sketch a template on the paper for the pieces of Akasha's headdress using a picture from the movie as a guide. The pieces are generally varied sizes of the same shape, which resembles the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. with a long shape and triangular top. Also sketch a piece for the center of Akasha's headdress that will go over the center of the forehead, pointing downward. Cut out these templates.

Step 2

Use the pattern templates and trace the designs onto the brass sheeting and the craft foam. Cut out the pieces, using the appropriate cutting tools.

Lay the foam pieces on old newspapers in a well-ventilated area and spray paint them to match the brass sheeting. When dry, glue them to the backs of the brass pieces, with the painted side facing out and the unpainted side touching the back of the brass piece.

Step 3

Assemble the headdress using the beading wire, alternating the jewelry coins and beads to make decorative pieces that will go between the brass sheeting pieces around the head. Use the bead wire to connect the pieces to the headband, piercing the base of the brass pieces as needed.

Step 4

Use the needle and thread to stitch a beaded pattern onto the bra or bikini top. If desired, use fabric or craft glue to apply beads, coins, gemstones, or whatever you desire in a pattern that fits the Akasha costume.

Step 5

Cut the silver fabric to make the belt portion of the skirt. This should fit your hip-circumference snug, but not too tight. Stitch hook and eye closures to connect the belt.

Step 6

Cut the dark purple skirt fabric in either two half-circles (for a full skirt) or two rectangles (for a narrow sheath skirt). Stitch the tops of the skirt pieces to the bottom of the belt. If desired, stitch down one or both sides of the skirt.

Step 7

Cut silver fabric for an armband. Stitch the ends together to form a circle. Cut a piece of the purple fabric that is slightly longer than the length from the armband (when on) to the knuckles. Stitch to the armband, leaving the side open so it drapes loosely and the arm can move freely.

Step 8

Apply makeup as desired. A suggestion for eye makeup is to use black eyeliner and extend well-beyond the corners of the eyes on the top and bottom lash line, resembling Akasha's makeup from the movie. Put the contacts in, if you're using them.

Step 9

Pin up hair, if necessary, and put the wig and costume on. Carefully put the headdress on, slipping the headband over the wig and adjusting to center the forehead piece. Finish with the vampire teeth.


Have an adult present when working with craft metal sheeting and sewing, as well as when using spray paint.

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