How to Make a Homemade Rock Star Costume

If you're looking to party like a rock star, it's only fitting that you dress the part. Creating a homemade rock star costume is a fairly easy task that simply requires you to stand out from the crowd. While there's not a standard uniform for a rock star, the clothing is on the cutting-edge of style and often on the outrageous side. To make a rock star costume, you can find clothes in your closet and transform them so that you're hip and ready to perform on stage at a moment's notice.

Things You'll Need

  • Tightly fitted T-shirt

  • Glue

  • Sequins or glitter

  • Leather pants or ripped jeans

  • Markers

  • Accessories

Step 1

Search through your wardrobe for a fitted T-shirt. A brightly colored T-shirt that is one size too small and well-worn is ideal. The grungier your shirt, the better to fit the mold of a contemporary rock star.

Step 2

Apply sequins or glitter to your T-shirt with glue to add an element of sparkle. Or you can write phrases with glitter or sequins.

Step 3

Use scissors to add rips to a pair of tightly fitted stonewashed jeans. Place them in the wash to create ragged strings and edge for a punk-rocker style. Fitted leather pants or any pants with shiny or glittery materials without rips are also appropriate.

Step 4

Use markers to draw tattoos on any exposed parts of your upper body. Skulls, bones or music symbols are often common rock star tattoos.

Step 5

Add accessories such as a spiked choker, heavy bracelets, one long dangling earring or cut-out gloves to complement your look. Sunglasses are also an essential accessory for a rock star.

Step 6

Choose boots for footwear--from a motorcycle boot to a high-heeled style.


Spike or color your hair to enhance your costume.

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