How to Make an Adult Chicken Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Several white feather boas

  • Blank white hooded sweater

  • Yellow tights

  • Yellow rubber dish washing gloves

  • 2 Styrofoam balls

  • Hot glue gun

  • Flip flops

  • Red felt

  • Needle and thread

  • Cap with yellow bill

  • White gloves

Crow when the sun rises on Halloween with your very own adult chicken costume. Making an adult chicken costume can be a simple task that does not require a lot of special materials. Create a costume with common supplies that are often found at the local craft store. Using these materials properly will create an adult chicken costume that is convincing, professional-looking, and on par with any other costume at a Halloween party.


Step 1

Decide which direction the feather boas will run around the white hooded sweater. Placing them parallel to each other will make a uniform surface. Lay out the first feather boa and sew it onto the sweater with needle and thread Run the needle and thread around the center rope structure of the boa and into the sweater. Pull the needle and thread out and over the rope again. This will hold the boa in place. Continue to sew in this way until the entire boa is attached to the sweater. Cut off any access.

Step 2

Lay out other boas one at a time beside the first and sew in place. Continue until the entire surface is covered with feather boas.


Step 3

Cut smaller pieces of feather boas to go around the arms of the sweatshirt. To determine the proper length, wrap a boa around your arm so that it fits, but not too tightly. You will want to have it loose enough that you can still fit your arm into the sleeve. Cut as many pieces as needed to cover the length of both arms. Sew in the same manner as the first set going around the main portion of the body.

Step 4

Measure the length of boa needed to go around the hood area by holding a boa up to your head. Trim off the excess and create as many as needed to cover the hood. Sew onto the hood.


Step 5

Cut out a piece of red felt for the rooster comb and sew onto the top of the hood. If desired, a piece of red felt can be used to create the wattle, or dangling thing under a chicken's neck. Use a hot glue gun to attach two Styrofoam balls to the top of the hood to create eyes.

Step 6

Put on yellow tights and sandals. Slide yellow rubber dish washing gloves over the sandals. Put on white gloves and the finished sweater.