How to Make a TOPH Costume

Toph Bei Fong, born blind into a wealthy and influential family, seemed an unlikely person to become a great Earth-bending master and teacher to the Avatar, but fate brought the feisty, 12 year-old across the path of Avatar Aang, hopeful savior of the world. The character of Toph is a favorite of the fans of the animated series, "Avatar, The Last Airbender" and so an easy-to-make Toph costume is bound to be a favorite as well.

This rock would be no match for Toph the Earth-bender.

Things You'll Need

  • Baggy green sweatsuit

  • Beige material, 2 yards

  • Green socks, 1 pair

  • Brown sweatbands for the wrist, 4

  • Green sweatbands for the wrist, 2

  • Green socks, 1 pair

  • Green elastic headband, 1

  • Yellow elastic headband, 1

  • Large cotton balls, 2

  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

  • 4"x36" strip of faux leather

  • Hook and loop fasteners, 2

Base Costume

Step 1

Cut the legs of the sweatpants off at about mid-calf. Hem the cut edges.

Step 2

Cut the arms of the sweatshirt off just beyond the elbow. Hem the cut edges,

Step 3

Measure from your shoulders to your knees. Double this measurement and cut the beige material to this length.

Step 4

Measure across your shoulders from mid upper arm to mid upper arm. Cut the material to this width.

Step 5

Measure around your head and cut a hole in the center of the material to this size.

Step 6

Hem cut edges to prevent fraying. Wear this over the sweatsuit.


Step 1

Cut a piece of faux leather about four inches wide and long enough to go around your waist, plus an inch. Sew the two hook and loop fasteners to the ends of the leather strip. Wear over the costume as a belt.

Step 2

Sew the green and yellow headbands together so you have one thick half green, half yellow headband. Sew a cotton ball to each side of the head band just over the ears. Wear over the top of your head and under your hair at the nape of your neck. The cotton balls should come just behind the ears.

Step 3

Cut off the bottoms and toes of the each of the green socks. You will end up with something like a loose spat. Put one on each of your bare feet. Pull one set of brown wrist bands onto your ankles and pull over the cuffs of the socks.

Step 4

Wear the other set of brown wrist bands on your wrist. Put on the green wrist bands next to them, closer to your hands.