How to Remove a Pegasus Faucet Quick Connect Line

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Pegasus and Glacier Bay are the lines of house brand faucets for Home Depot manufactured by Globe Union Industrial Faucet Co. Many of the single-handle and pull-out models use a quick connect connection to secure the water supply lines to the faucet. This type of connection is leak-free and enables quick disconnection of the faucet when it is time to repair or replace the faucet. Removing a Pegasus faucet quick connect line from the faucet is straightforward, and reinstallation is a quick snap.


Step 1

Turn off the water supply to the Pegasus faucet. The shut-off valves are on the two house water lines connecting to each supply line to the faucet.

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Step 2

Drain water remaining in the lines. Move the faucet handle to the position that turns on the water to let the remaining water flow. When water flow stops, move the faucet handle to its off position.

Step 3

Find the quick connect where it secures to the faucet under the sink. The quick connect housing looks like a 1-inch wide sleeve with slots. It has a ring at its top.

Step 4

Remove the quick connect line. Begin by holding the supply line with your hands and pushing the quick connect housing toward the faucet with your fingers. Hold the ring and quick connect housing together, and pull the water supply line away from the faucet.


Push the quick connect housing as far up as it will go with your fingers and push the line over the faucet supply nipple to reinstall. Release the quick connector and pull on the hose slightly to ensure it locked onto the faucet.

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