How to Remove Stains From Windows

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Things You'll Need

  • Glass polish

  • Soft cloth

  • Newspaper

  • Formula polish

  • Vinegar

  • Water

Clean glass windows improve the appearance of your home.

Glass windows in your home can become stained over the years by weather, hard water, or dirt and debris from outdoors. These unsightly stains can keep your house from looking clean and can eventually become permanent and even lower the value of your home. Before you decide to replace your windows, try to clean them using basic household items and cleaners.


Step 1

Use glass polish and a soft cloth to clean your windows from top to bottom, inside and outside of your home. While this may not remove all the stains, it will clean any dirt off the surface and allow you to see the stains more easily. You can also use a solution of two parts distilled white vinegar to one part water instead of glass cleaner.


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Step 2

Treat the stains in small areas using formula polish and a soft cloth. Formula polish is stronger than regular glass cleaner or vinegar, and can help to remove older stains.

Step 3

Wet a piece of black and white newspaper with water and gently wipe it over stains on the glass. The newsprint will help dissolve hard water stains in particular. Repeat until the stains disappear and then wipe the window dry with a cloth or paper towel.


Clean your windows regularly to prevent further staining. Hard water spots left on windows for long periods of time may become permanent, so clean them as soon as possible.

Call a glass repair specialist if home remedies do not work on your glass stains. The specialist may have specific chemicals or tools to treat the stains on your windows, and can be much less expensive than replacing your windows altogether.


Read the directions on cleaning products thoroughly, to be sure that they are safe to use on glass and on any materials surrounding your windows, such as wood or painted surfaces.


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