How to Make a Bamboo Waterfall

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Things You'll Need

  • Bamboo pieces, large enough so water pipes can fit inside

  • Decorative string or other material to tie bamboo pieces together

  • Knife

  • Measuring tape

  • Drill

  • Plastic tubing

  • Water pump

  • Solid-bottomed water vessel

  • Marbles or decorative stones

Bamboo's natural hollow reeds can be used to create an eye-catching waterfall.

Bamboo, which is naturally strong, is also naturally hollow. Because of those two qualities, bamboo can be used to create many items. The plant is touted for its good looks and versatility worldwide, which adds to its attractiveness for use in creating items. One of many uses for the bamboo reed is to make home decorations. A water feature, or waterfall, for example, can be created by following a few guidelines.


Step 1

Use the largest bamboo piece as the focal point of your waterfall. You can tailor the height to your preference.

Step 2

Tie a few smaller pieces of bamboo, making sure the number is equal on both sides, to the central piece to create a sturdy arrangement.

Step 3

Create a spout from a piece similar to the size of the support bamboo pieces. Either cut the end of the spout on a diagonal or straight across, whichever you prefer.


Step 4

Measure the height distance between the largest piece and the second tallest piece. Now measure one-third of that distance down the side of the tallest piece, and drill a hole the diameter of the spout piece there.

Step 5

Drill out the inside of any bamboo that is not entirely hollow already.

Step 6

Run plastic tubing up the central piece and through the spout.

Step 7

Fit the spout into the hole you created in the central piece.


Step 8

Slice off any excess tubing.

Step 9

Place a water pump at the bottom end of the tubing.

Step 10

Arrange the bamboo creation in a pot to your liking.

Step 11

Fill the bottom with marbles or decorative rock to help hold the bamboo in place.


Be creative with your bamboo’s height and size. Play with shapes and arrangements to find one that best suits your personality.


Make certain your container is waterproof.


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