How to Make a Bald Eagle Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • White balaclava, or ski mask

  • White feathers

  • Glue gun

  • Scissors

  • Orange craft foam

  • Orange pipe cleaners

  • Dark brown felt, 4 feet by 6 feet

  • Dark brown long sleeved turtleneck shirt

  • Dark brown leggings

  • Dark colored slippers

A bald eagle costume should incorporate the bird's signature white head.

Dressing up in costumes for holidays and parties can be a fun but expensive endeavor. One way to cut the cost of buying an elaborate costume is to make the costume yourself. A bald eagle costume is perfect to use for patriotic-themed events, as a school mascot, or simply as a unique Halloween costume. The best way to make a recognizable bald eagle costume is to incorporate all of the bird's distinguishing features into the outfit. These include the bright orange beak, the large wingspan, and most importantly the white "bald" head.


Step 1

Cut to expand the eyehole of the balaclava so that it is large enough to display the entire face. Glue the white feathers onto the top, back, sides and neck of the balaclava using the glue gun. This completes the head of the bald eagle costume.

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Step 2

Cut out two identical triangular pieces of orange craft foam that are approximately 8 inches long at the base and 5 inches long on the remaining two sides. Using the glue gun, glue together both of the 5-inch sides of one triangle piece to its identical counterpart in the other triangle piece. This will create a cone that the costume wearer's nose can fit into. Glue one orange pipe cleaner to the bottom right of the cone and one orange pipe cleaner to the bottom left of the cone. The ends of each pipe cleaner can be twisted behind each ear so that the orange cone stays on the face. This completes the beak of the bald eagle costume.


Step 3

Cut the dark brown felt into two matching, triangular wing shapes. The base of each triangle piece should be approximately the length of the costume wearer's arm. The other two sides of each triangle can be cut in a wavy pattern to give the appearance of feathers. Attach the base of one triangle wing horizontally to one sleeve of the turtleneck using the glue gun. Attach the remaining wing piece to the other sleeve.


Step 4

Wear the dark brown leggings with the dark brown, winged, turtleneck. This completes the body of the bald eagle.

Step 5

Cut out 10 small triangles, each approximately the size of a tortilla chip, out of the orange craft foam. Glue five triangles to each slipper. This completes the talons of the bald eagle costume.



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