How to Make a Edible Fruit Tree Centerpiece

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Replace the standard fruit plate at your next party with a whimsical fruit tree centerpiece. Fruit trees take a bit more time to put together than simply laying out pieces of fruit, but are not much more difficult. Put out edible fruit trees for holiday parties, barbecues or kids' parties -- the assembly is simple enough that children can help put them together once the fruit is prepped.


Turn fruit into a tree centerpiece.

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Things You'll Need

  • Toothpicks

  • Plastic Wrap

  • Fruit And Berries

  • Lemon

  • Foam Cone

  • Sugar

  • Plate Or Serving Platter

  • Knife

  • Bowl

Step 1

Wrap the foam cone tightly with plastic wrap. Place the cone on a plate or serving platter.

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Step 2

Prepare fruit by washing, then cutting large pieces like apples, pears and pineapples into small, uniformly-sized chunks. Pit small fruits such as cherries. Grapes and berries don't need to be cut. Avoid cut up banana as it will turn brown quickly.

Step 3

Toss the cut fruit and berries in a bowl with just enough lemon juice to coat. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar, if desired.


Step 4

Insert a toothpick into a piece of prepared fruit so that the end comes out the other side by at least 1/2-inch. Push the end of the fruited toothpick into the cone. Repeat with the rest of the fruit until the cone is covered.

Step 5

Place grapes or berries on the visible tops of the toothpicks, or leave them exposed so people can easily remove the fruit.

Step 6

Surround the base of the tree with sliced fruit or vegetables, cheeses and dips, if desired.


Foam cones can be found in most craft stores in the flower arranging department.

Place apples with the colorful skin facing out.

For a small palm tree-style edible fruit tree, cut the bottom and outer skin from a pineapple, leaving the green top. Cover with fruit.



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