How to Shape Rice Krispie Treats Easily

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Things You'll Need

  • Wax paper

  • Butter or cooking spray

  • Ice cream scoop

  • Cookie cutters (optional)

Cookie cutters make shaping marshmallow treats easier.

Rice Krispie treats are marshmallow and puffed-rice cereal treats, typically cut into bars. You can also shape these gooey goodies into various shapes such as eggs, wreaths or hearts. There are several methods for creating a perfectly molded Rice Krispie treat.


Step 1

Remove the Rice Krispie treats from the mixing bowl or pan after stirring the cereal into the melted marshmallows. Put the treats onto a piece of wax paper to cool slightly until you can handle the treats.

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Step 2

Cover your hands, ice cream scoop and cookie cutters with butter or cooking spray. Remove a scoopful of the treat mixture and press it firmly between your greased hands to shape. Alternatively, press the treat handful flat onto a piece of wax paper and push a cookie cutter into it to cut out a shape.


Step 3

Place the shaped Rice Krispie treats onto a piece of wax paper and cool completely in the refrigerator if your kitchen is warm.




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