How to Make a Grasshopper Costume

Hop down the sidewalk on Halloween in a grasshopper costume.
Hop down the sidewalk on Halloween in a grasshopper costume. (Image: grasshopper. image by mdb from

Grasshoppers can jump great distances in relation to their size. They are propelled by powerful hind legs, one of their key distinguishing features, along with big eyes, antennae and a green or brown body. You can make an inexpensive grasshopper costume suitable for either a child or an adult with just a little sewing and a few items from the craft store.

Things You'll Need

  • Black leggings
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Fiberfill
  • Green leggings
  • Green shirt
  • Green knit cap
  • White craft felt
  • 2 pipe cleaners – black or white
  • Green shirt

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Legs and Arms

Make the grasshopper’s powerful jumping muscles: Cut the legs off the black leggings where the legs meet the panty. Cut each leg again at about knee level to make a tube.

Sew one end of the tube closed, then stuff with fiberfill and stitch closed. Add just enough fiberfill to create a soft pillow, not a thick sausage shape. Repeat with the second tube.

Sew the black pillows to the front of the green leggings just above the knee so the pillow conforms to the shape of the thigh and covers the front of the thigh, not the back or sides.

Make another set of black “muscles” from the leftover legs of the black leggings. Stuff with fiberfill and sew to the outside of each arm of the green shirt above the elbow.


Make the eyes by cutting two equal circles out of the craft felt about 2 inches in diameter. Cut two 1-inch diameter circles out of the leftover pant material from the black leggings.

Stitch the black circles to the center of the white circles, then stitch the eyes to the front of the hat and off to each side.

Curl one end of each pipe cleaner to make an antenna, then poke the other end into the top of the hat and twist the end to secure it to the hat. Stitch in place if necessary.


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